Year in Review: 2017

By December 15, 2017Uncategorized

2017 was an exciting year My Gorilla Garage. We had a great time attending local fairs and events, starting new projects and expanding the My Gorilla Garage Family at our newest location in Sarasota, Florida. We are always ready to take on a new home and adapt to each of our client’s individual personalities and styles! With the new year just around the corner, let’s review some of our favorite trends and projects of 2017:

Experimenting with color: My Gorilla Garage is best known for its durability and look, transforming the most boring garages into beautiful workshop spaces and showrooms. This year our customers got creative, using new color combinations in fun ways that we were excited to install!

Here is one of the highlights, where a customer used two different color combinations to add variety to a two-garage home:

New spaces: My Gorilla Garage is a great coating option for a variety of surfaces, not just garages! Our customers took advantage of this knowledge and used My Gorilla Garage on so many new outdoor surfaces, and our knowledgeable and skilled employees were up to the task. From walkways to outdoor living spaces and steps, My Gorilla Garage saw nearly every outdoor surface!

Here is one of our favorites, a project in which a customer used our coating on the surface around their grill. Perfect for resisting food and drink stains, and such an easy clean-up:

Customizing: You can make My Gorilla Garage your own in more ways than just choosing different color combinations. This year, we applied custom strips around numerous projects to fit the style of the rooms or serve as a space divider. This is a great option for commercial spaces to emphasize displays and designated work areas.

Here is one of the highlights, with two different colors being used in this custom stripe:


Taking on these ideas and working with our wonderful clients was the highlight of our year. We look forward to the New Year and can’t wait to see what trends will surface in 2018! The year isn’t over yet though, and there is still time to give sign up for a free estimate and transform your garage into the space you’ve always wanted!