If you’re following us on Facebook for project photos and ideas, you probably know that this spring we have applied the My Gorilla Garage floor coating to several backyard patios.

We’ve written before about the many places people choose to have My Gorilla Garage installed because of its durability and the fact that it protects the surface underneath. But why have patios and porches suddenly become so popular?

Now that the weather is warming up, homeowners are looking for ways to extend their outdoor time. They are ready to spend mornings outside reading and sipping coffee, and evenings spending time with family or dining outdoors. My Gorilla Garage allows them to do this, worry-free!

My Gorilla Garage can transform any ordinary outdoor patio into a more elegant, useable space. Whether your home is new or your patio needs some serious work, our coating will work on your surface. Your home will stand out from others in the neighborhood, and will look like it came straight out of a home magazine!

In the warmer seasons, it provides a no-slip surface that is safer for children and grandparents. It’s the perfect space to relax and enjoy summer drinks and treats, or host that family reunion or 4th of July party without worrying about spills and stains. My Gorilla Garage is incredibly easy to clean, which means washing away pollen, leaves and dirt takes no time at all.

In the colder seasons, it protects the concrete beneath during freeze and thaw cycles, and makes it easier to clear off and safer walk on during snow and rain storms.

If you’re ready to enjoy more time outside on your patio this spring and summer with a My Gorilla Garage coating, contact My Gorilla Garage today for a free, no-obligation estimate.