Ways a Garage Can Benefit You This Winter: 

By November 6, 2019Uncategorized

When cold weather hits, no one wants to step foot outside. Kids have little desire to play in uncomfortable temperatures and household chores typically done outdoors must move inside. If you have a garage, it’s the perfect place to move these activities to enjoy in a more comfortable environment.

Get the most out of your garage this winter with these great ways to utilize the extra space:

Home Entryway

Instead of dragging slush and snow into your home all winter long, use an interior access garage as a place to kick off shoes and take off outer layers before coming inside. Garages provide the perfect barrier between your clean home and the harsh elements outside.

Indoor Gym

No one wants to venture out before work during dark winter morning hours or on frigid nights. Using your garage space for a home gym means you can still keep up with your health and exercise routine without enduring the cold. You’ll also save time by not driving to go workout!


Home repairs and car maintenance don’t stop over the winter. That means, you need a place to keep up with the to-do’s and chores while staying out of the cold weather. The perfect place is your garage! Clear out enough space to add a hip-height and sturdy surface to work on, an area to store your tools and equipment and a good light source.

Don’t forget the benefit of a finished garage floor while deciding what to do with the extra space this winter. Whether your garage falls victim to grease stains, piles of sawdust or high-impact exercise, My Gorilla Garage will protect it.

In a single day, you can make your garage the most versatile room of your home. There’s no risk and no cost for an estimate of your home! Contact your nearest My Gorilla Garage location today.