The True Benefits of Garage Floor Coating

If you’ve seen the before and after pictures of a garage with a My Gorilla Garage floor coating, you know that it looks great. However, you might be wondering: what are the other benefits from this process? Well, here are a few:

·      If your garage has been a mess in the past and you cant seem to get around to cleaning it up, installing a garage floor coating may be the kick you need. Your garage will look so neat and tidy you’ll never allow clutter again! Plus, you’ll want to spend more time there working on projects if it feels more clean and organized.

·      The floor itself will be clean and stain free! The My Gorilla Garage coating protects your new, clean floor from future stains and oil spills with its drip and stain resistant properties.

·      Your garage will become a workable space, keeping dirt from being tracked in the house. The more time you spend in it, the more time your kids and friends will come see what you’re up to and hang out in the garage. Whether it’s fixing bikes or showing off your new table saw, you’ll love having people in your renovated space!

·      You’ll be the envy of all of your neighbors! We often hear from customers that their garage brings neighbors and their visitors over to show off their new floor! Your house will set an example for the entire neighborhood every time you open your garage doors.


My Gorilla Garage specializes in polyaspartic polyuria floor coatings, and has a team of highly skilled technicians to make sure you get the best results and full benefits. Contact My Gorilla Garage today at for a free estimate!