Three Immediate Benefits of Garage Floor Coating

Garages used to be just an unsightly afterthought in people’s homes. Now, modern garages play host to a variety of activities. A single garage can entertain guests, hide away storage, provide a space to work on hobbies and show off vehicles. The challenge is, how do you turn what was once an afterthought into a versatile, welcoming and good-looking space? 

That starts with its foundation – the floor. Almost all garage remodels begin by adding a coating to the floor. That’s because the right coating can make an immediate difference in the way garages look, function and last. Below, we explain more about these three benefits and how they pay off for years to come:

Polished Look 

We all know how tough it is to keep a garage floor clean, especially a traditional cement floor. They absorb moisture, show traces of anything that’s been spilled and highlight every bit of dust and debris. A garage will always feel cold and utilitarian with bare concrete floors. 

Creating a sleek and presentable floor is crucial to making the space as welcoming as the rest of your home. Floor coatings look great and are easy to keep clean, whether it’s swept, scrubbed or squeegeed. Additionally, My Gorilla Garage coatings with decorative flakes make dirt and dust less visible and allow an endless range of color options to suit your style (or match your favorite sports team).

Protect from Hazards

Neglected garage floors aren’t just an eyesore, they’re a safety hazard. You and your family cannot safely perform tasks with floors that are uneven, damaged and slippery. By leaving a broken surface untouched, there will always be difficulty making the garage a versatile and easy-to-use place in your home. Garage floor coatings leave the surface smooth, unbroken and safer with added traction.

Prevent Future Repairs

It’s the long-term preventative benefits that warrant the most attention in garage floor coatings. Think of how much activity occurs in your garage over the course of a year. Basic floors can’t hold up to the combination of foot traffic, heavy equipment, chemical spills and impacts of a functioning garage. Without protection, you risk the concrete breaking down over time and paying more to repair it later. Coatings from My Gorilla Garage bond to the existing cement, thereby making it a stronger and more solid foundation for any activity.

My Gorilla Garage’s one-day process is the perfect solution for homeowners wishing to quickly create a beautiful and functional garage space. Contact us today for an estimate you’ll be on your way to soon having a garage floor you’re proud of.