If you use your garage space for home maintenance projects, as a workshop, or if it serves as a center for outdoor family activities, it is an unpleasant place in the summer when not cooled.

There are several methods for an enjoyable garage depending on your climate. Areas with mild summers get away with basic ventilation, but if your summers are hot and muggy, a full-blown air-conditioning unit is the most effective solution.An air-conditioned garage is better for your interior rooms, too. In an uncooled garage, hot air slowly creeps into your home through a shared wall and doors, raising indoor temperatures and forcing your indoor units to work harder. Even a small window unit or a ductless mini-split can make a huge difference – it doesn’t need to be interior-comfortable, just cooler than outside temperatures.

Even though air conditioning your garage removes plenty of heat, it won’t do much in an uninsulated room. Get the most out air-conditioning by adding insulation if possible. Here are specific areas to keep in mind:

  • Floors. Traditional concrete floors that crack and chip tend to leak cool air throughout the day. Reduce that loss by finishing your floors and replace concrete with a sealed coating, like My Gorilla Garage. Our one-day installation process takes the least amount of time compared to other insulation methods and improves the overall look of the space.  
  • Ceiling. Like the rest of your home, your garage absorbs heat from the attic. Add rolled insulation to the roof space and prevent the garage unit from working overtime.
  • Walls. Adding insulation to any exposed walls keeps the cool air in, but it’s a luxury if you’re on a budget. Consider covering the walls in sections. Start in areas where the sun shines directly, then move to spots covered by shade most of the time.   
  • Windows. Most garages have at most one or two windows, so it’s usually a small percentage of cool air lost through them. Covering corners and crevices with special sealing tape does the trick. If the windows are in a heavily sunlit area, blackout curtains are another option to block additional heat from the sun.
  • Garage doors. It may be time to retrofit your roll-up garage door with an insulated model that is more energy efficient.  

No one wants a hotbox for a garage, especially when it’s frequently used.  Make the garage a comfortable space by insulating and then air-conditioning this summer. My Gorilla Garage locks in cool air but does much more, too.  Our coated flooring transforms garages into sleek,

multi-use extensions of any home. Read more about the benefits and the one-day process of My Gorilla Garage online and  contact your nearest dealer.