Start Planning Your 2020 Dream Garage, Now

We’re almost there; the end of 2019. That means, planning for 2020 is already underway. People everywhere are booking their vacation rentals, organizing big events and deciding what to do in the coming year. The same should go for anyone planning a remodeling project.

Renovations slated for next year have already begun. If you want to end up with the garage you hope for, now is the best time to start. Here are our suggestions for the best ways to use the final weeks of the year to properly jump-start your 2020 goals and finally get the garage of your dreams. 

Decide your Garage’s Purpose:
In order to get the most out of your garage, you must decide exactly how it’ll be used. Garages without a defined function end up accumulating all the odds and ends of your home and never fully look their best. 

Do you need it mostly for vehicle storage or is it a family game room? Another popular option is an at-home gym. Consider the needs of your family, too. If yours is growing you’ll need to create ample storage. Or, if everyone has moved out, now is the perfect time to create that man cave or hobby room!

Streamline Your Inspiration:
From Pinterest to online shopping, homeowners eyeing a garage makeover are always collecting inspiration. If you’re one of them, start streamlining your tastes. Look through all the images you’ve saved. Do you like the luxury garages or a more lived in and functional look? My Gorilla Garage colors can help you accomplish both.

Look at our color options and decide which best matches the new of purpose your garage when the makeover is done. We create custom colors as well! The best way to get a sense of your options and which will look the best, schedule your free, no-obligation meeting with a certified Gorilla Garage representative.

Talk to a Pro:
Our representatives don’t exist just to estimate your job, but also to share knowledge and expertise. Take advantage of free time during the holidays to get the experts’ opinions of your vision. They will leave you with a much clearer sense of how your dream garage is brought to life with our 1-day process. 

Are you ready to start the beginning phases of your garage floor remodel? Contact us to start the conversation by sharing your goals and scheduling your FREE no-obligation estimate today, starting with a full inspection of your existing garage floor.