Resurfacing Walkways, Porches, & Patios

Keeping patios, porches, and walkways in front of your home in good condition is essential for curb appeal and safety. Especially when you have brand new concrete to protect, refinishing them with a protective coating is the ideal way to give your concrete durability. At My Gorilla Garage, our unique coating system can correct even cracked concrete and bring value back to your home. We have expert installers for refinishing sidewalks, driveways and patios in Sarasota plus surrounding residential areas in Southwest Florida.

How Sidewalk Resurfacing Helps Your Home

Concrete resurfacing can be done for several reasons in a lot of different areas of your home. For walkways and patios, the top reasons homeowners choose to refinish their concrete is for aesthetics, durability, and safety. Our unique My Gorilla Garage polyurea coating fulfills all of these aspects and more. We are the concrete sealing company of Sarasota that has expertise in driveways, sidewalks and patios!

Durability and Safety

Over time, concrete tends to get damaged on the surface from daily wear and tear. Plus, areas like pool decks are slippery if not coated properly. It's crucial to keep your family and friends safe by omitting these hazardous situations. My Gorilla Garage has a higher COF (coefficient of friction) rating than the industry standard, giving it more effective traction than typical concrete.

Curb Appeal and Market Value

The other leading reason for sealing and refinishing concrete in Sarasota is curb appeal. Our expert team at My Gorilla Garage offers crack and joint repair, too. We'll fill them before we install our protective coating. We also have a wide range of colors to choose from, so you can accent your home the best way possible and increase its overall value. 

finished walkway

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