How Our System Protects Your Garage Floors

There are many reasons Sarasota homeowners choose to refinish their garage floors, each as unique as the homeowner who chooses our service. While aesthetics is a common one, there are a few others that are more immediately important. 

Three fundamental reasons to get your garage floors coated are cleanliness, durability, and safety. My Gorilla Garage is an entirely water-resistant and stain-proof system. When typical garage spills like oil or gas happen, your floors cannot be penetrated or stained by them. Plus, other leading floor coating systems have proven to be slippery and hazardous, especially when wet with rain. Our unique formula contains color flakes that add extra traction and decor appeal, making your garage safer for family and friends.

Match Your Garage Floor to Your Home's Decor

My Gorilla Garage has almost any color you can imagine. Not only does our coating system add safety and durability to your garage floors, but it's an accent statement for your home, too. Transform your garage space into a comfortable, inviting place to work on projects or have parties! Check out our extensive color options here. We offer the Sarasota residents custom concrete sealing options to fit any taste!

Not only do we have almost any color to choose from, but our garage flooring team in Sarasota will also seal any cracks in your floor. By updating the appearance of your garage floors, you'll benefit from raising the overall value of your home.

Cincinnati Concrete Coating
after finishing a garage floor

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