Concrete Crack and Joint Repair in Sarasota

Daily wear and tear takes a toll on your concrete over time. Garage floors, walkways, patios, and commercial floors all need to be protected for higher durability. My Gorilla Garage has a unique, leading solution for repairing and sealing cracks and joints. We offer concrete refinishing and resurfacing services in Sarasota, plus areas in Southwest Florida

How Does Our Crack Repair Work?

The first thing we'll do is send someone from our expert team to inspect your floors. If cracks and fissures are an issue, we will use our diamond grinding equipment to grind off the top layer of your cement evenly. Next, we'll fill any cracks that are remaining. Once everything is repaired, we'll continue with our My Gorilla Garage installation to coat and seal your concrete. We offer these concrete crack repair services to Sarasota and surrounding areas.

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Why My Gorilla Garage is the Best Solution

Our innovative blend of water-resistant polyurea coating is safer and more appealing than other leading concrete refinishing systems. Repairing cracks and resurfacing your garage floor, walkways, and patios with our coating gives your home long-lasting durability, curb appeal, and safety. Plus, it's usually installed in as little as a day.

Curb Appeal

Unsightly concrete that's cracking and fading lowers the value of your home. Cement that's in good condition or is new comes in the same basic colors and loses durability over time. With My Gorilla Garage, you can renew the look of your walkways, garage floor, and patios and accent your home with colors that compliment your home. Our coating is available in almost any color you can imagine. Check out our options here. With our custom colors we can take your Sarasota home to the next levels with a quick resurfacing.


Cracks and fissures aren't just unsightly; they also cause a hazard. Slippery pool decks become dangerous, too. Standard concrete has less traction than our My Gorilla Garage coating. The color flakes in our formula give it higher, more effective traction to prevent accidents and injuries. 

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My Gorilla Garage offers our concrete crack repair services in Sarasota and the surrounding areas. If you have cracks in your garage floor, walkway, or patio, reach out to us with your questions or fill out our form below. We'll schedule a free inspection and determine the right solution for your home!

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