Commercial Floor Coatings in Sarasota

Professional floor coatings are the perfect solution for commercial spaces. Our unique My Gorilla Garage solution is highly durable, visually appealing, and safer than other leading options. Our expert team installs our commercial concrete coatings in Sarasota and the surrounding areas in Southwest Florida. 

How Commercial Spaces Benefit from My Gorilla Garage

There are numerous reasons why commercial spaces need to finish their concrete floors. All kinds of businesses like auto dealerships, labs, and manufacturing facilities need safe, slip-free, stain-resistant flooring. The experts at My Gorilla Garage are experienced in commercial installation and can usually complete your project in as little as one day. 

Safe Flooring for Employees and Customers

The main priority for companies with concrete flooring is safety. Standard cement walkways, floors, and other high-traffic areas that follow the industry requirements for COF (coefficient of friction) only have to have a rate of 68 out of 100. Our innovative, safer solution is rated at 72. The flakes of color in our formula create higher, more effective traction lessening the risk of falls and injuries. My Gorilla Garage is also incredibly durable, so it stands up to these areas' daily wear and tear. Our installers can even repair cracks and joints before sealing your floors.

Aesthetically Appealing Accent Floors

Another big issue with commercial concrete flooring is its inability to harmonize with your company's other decor. The My Gorilla Garage coating system is available in a wide variety of colors and styles, so you can accent your space and make it more visually appealing. Because it's stain and water-resistant, every style option will stand up to the test of time and stay protected.

commercial garage flooring
commercial interior concrete floor finished

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Our team serves a long list of commercial spaces with concrete coating services in Sarasota, from showrooms and nightclubs to hospitals and schools. Find out why our customers love My Gorilla Garage. Call us today to learn more and schedule your free inspection!