Sellers know the importance of every room when it’s time to list their home. Buyers go through house listings with a fine-toothed comb. As a result, many sellers go to extreme lengths to create excitement during the sale. From baking cookies to hiring a home stager, everything is placed specifically for buyers to fall in love. Too often, this excitement falls flat when the garage door opens to a forgotten room.

With just a few tweaks, a garage looks and feels like an extra room, surprising home shoppers with the unexpected. The key is to make it warm and inviting with finished flooring, weatherproofing, and proper storage. Take a little time to improve your garage and sell fast with these easy steps:

Wrap the Walls
If there’s exposed wiring or wooden beams, your first step is focusing on the walls. You want visitors to see the garage as a complete room, ready for use for vehicles or as an entertainment room. Further increase buyer excitement and weatherproof the room by adding insulation (especially if you are in a cold-weather environment).

Cover the Concrete
One update that will pay big returns is new flooring. Most homes on the market have basic concrete flooring, leaving a lot to be desired for today’s buyers. Uncoated concrete is vulnerable to moisture, cracking and is affected by issues such as freeze-thaw damage or rebar corrosion. With easily visible damage, any buyer welcomes seeing something different. Fix the problem by covering the concrete with a quality garage floor surface system, like My Gorilla Garage. Our 1-day process wastes no time and covers weathered concrete surfaces with a durable, multi-use coating. It’s not only a safer option but pleasing to the eye, easy to clean and vehicle-friendly. It’s the perfect solution to help buyers visualize all the possibilities of the room.

Storage Solutions

Simply put, buyers want storage space so the less stuff you have in the garage, the more appealing it will look to buyers. Convert visitors to potential buyers by installing inexpensive storage options. There’s a long list of possibilities from ceiling racks to wall-mounted shelving and tool organizers. Consider what holds the most, yet functions well in the space.

Stage the Multiple Uses
To help buyers visualize, consider what they’re looking for and stage it. Many homeowners want a zone for tools and DIY projects, so hang a pegboard and install a workbench. Show the space as a potential man-cave or entertainment room by placing comfortable seating and ambient lighting. Finally, if you mounted storage, organize and label a few boxes onto the shelving. Don’t leave anything to the imagination or a buyer may not see it.

Believe it or not, the garage is a big selling point for a lot of home buyers. With a few quick finishing touches and appropriate staging, it could seal the deal. For more information on the My Gorilla Garage process and how it can add value and help sell your home, contact us today at this link. A warning though – more than one potential seller has changed their mind and decided to stay after getting the My Gorilla Garage floor system installed!