Preparing Your Garage for Fall

By September 1, 2017Uncategorized

After a summer of home projects, car maintenance, gardening and family fun, your garage may be disorganized and messy. As the weather cools, you’ll want to start using your garage for storage and as a space for projects when it becomes too cold to work outside. That feels impossible when you still have summer clutter around.

 September is the perfect month to clean and organize your garage and make space before the hustle and bustle of family activities, travel and holiday parties of fall and winter begin. Here are some tips on how to get your garage in optimal condition:

1.     Storage: If you don’t already have storage boxes and bins, now is the time to purchase some. Storage bins can be useful for separating tools to make them easy to find and quickly accessible, and can also be used for summer sports gear and other items you won’t need again until warm spring weather. Storage bins will de-clutter your garage and create more space for items like pressure washers or décor that need to be brought inside during the winter.
2.     Insulation and weather stripping: If you plan to work in your garage throughout the fall and winter, adding insulation and weather stripping around the doors can be helpful in keeping you warm. Be sure to read up on safety tips for what appliances and equipment are safe to turn on in garages!
3.     Cleaning: Though this can be the most tedious part of preparing your garage, it is an important step. Thoroughly sweep and mop the floor, and dust areas that may have collected pollen or dirt through the summer.  If you are putting items away for the season or plan to park your car inside, be sure to clean off dirt, grass and grease to prevent any mess from being tracked into your newly cleaned space.
4.     Floor coating: While you have your garage clean and organized, and before you start bringing in items for fall that could potentially damage the concrete, consider having a garage floor coating installed. The My Gorilla Garage polyaspartic polyurea coating will make your garage look entirely new, and will prevent any future scratches and marks with its stain-resistant formula.

Completing these tasks now will save you future stress during the busy holiday season and offer you a clean and organized place to escape! If you’re ready to add a floor coating, contact My Gorilla Garage today for a free, no-obligation estimate.