MGG Spotlight: Walkways

When you hear our name, you’re most likely picturing a garage with our amazingly durable polyaspartic polyurea floor coating. However, if you’re following us on social media or have read our blog before, you know that our customers have found that My Gorilla Garage is amazing for many surfaces -including walkways.

One of the biggest benefits of a My Gorilla Garage floor coating is the no-slip factor. Our coating system has a coefficient of friction that is actually higher than the standard required for public ramps, walkways and restrooms, in all weather conditions. This makes it perfect for outdoor walkways both at residential homes and commercial properties or public spaces, especially if you live in an area with frequent rain or large amounts of snow in the winter. It can even protect the concrete beneath during freezing and thaw cycles, extending the life of your walkway.

Using a My Gorilla Garage coating for your walkway is also great for schools, retirement homes or parks where children may be running around or the elderly are walking. A surface with a higher coefficient of friction is the safer option for preventing falls and possible injuries!

A floor coating on your walkways won’t take away from the beauty of your home, either – it will enhance it! For example, take a look at this recent walkway project we completed, where the homeowner chose to add a custom border on the walkway leading to their front door:

epoxy coated walkway with custom borderThe coating gives the home an upscale look without standing out too much or looking out of place. With the right color combination, your My Gorilla Garage coating can blend in effortlessly.

If you’re ready to use My Gorilla Garage on your walkways, or have questions about other places you can use My Gorilla Garage, contact us at (844) 674-5521, or use our online form for a free estimate.