Keeping My Gorilla Garage Clean

There is one question we are asked more than any other once the weather drops below freezing temperatures: “How does My Gorilla Garage hold up to days of slush, ice and mud when parking the car in my garage after snow?”

Snow may be beautiful on the first and second days after it falls, but when traffic gets moving again, things can turn ugly. Your car picks up salt, sand and dirt from the road, tracking it right into your garage! In a standard garage with concrete flooring, a winter snowstorm’s mess can be agonizing to deal with because of salt stains, broken seals from snow melt freezing and thawing, and damage from deicers.

So how does My Gorilla Garage hold up to winter weather conditions? Recently on our Facebook page, a satisfied customer left us this comment:

“Our garage floor is a mess right now, snow, ice chunks, dirty –  just plain nasty from driving in and out of the garage…when/if/ hopefully/ it warms up, my husband will throw some water on it, a little swishing with the broom, it will look exactly how it did 5 years ago when you did the floor. Best. Investment. Ever. Thank you!”

This customer knows that a My Gorilla Garage floor coating is already stain-resistant, and stands up to the worst of deicers and salt. Your garage may still collect the usual winter grime, but after the 1-day process, your garage floor will be easier than ever to clean with just water, and the surface beneath will remain in great condition.

If you need a floor coating that will stand up against slush, ice and mud in Cincinnati, Dayton or Indianapolis, give My Gorilla Garage a call today for a free estimate and say goodbye to dirty, grungy garage floors forever!