One of the things we hear regularly from people who call is “my garage floor is a mess.” They mean that literally – there are oil stains, cracks, chips, and accumulated dirt and grime. If you think there is no hope for your garage floor, there’s good news — My Gorilla Garage can help!

dirty, oily garage floor

A typical garage floor when we get started. With oil stains and concrete damage.

Our revolutionary one-day process results in a garage floor that has no cracks, chips or stains, and is now covered with a garage floor coating that looks great and performs even better. A My Gorilla Garage floor is also easy to keep clean, and homeowners tell us their space even looks and stays cleaner because the floor looks so good, they want to see it!

We love this quote from a happy customer and think it’s a good representation of what we hear from homeowners, “OMG…..We absolutely love our garage and patio. I always wanted this after seeing it on my neighbors garage floor several years ago. The guys who installed it were very detail oriented and did a wonderful job. Anyhow, I highly recommend this company and will to all my friends and family.”

If you have a dirty, grungy floor, it’s time for a My Gorilla Garage floor coating system. This is so much better than painting your floor or trying a do-it-yourself floor coating from a big box store. We actually test the moisture level in your concrete to make sure the coating will adhere, and perform at its best.

My Gorilla Garage floor coating

After we finish – the stains are gone forever and the floor looks amazing!

If you need a floor coating in Sarasota, Florida, Cincinnati, Dayton or Indianapolis, give My Gorilla Garage a call today for a free estimate and say goodbye to dirty, grungy garage floors forever!