How To Build The Perfect Garage Gym

No one likes waking up early to go to the gym – especially during the middle of winter when mornings are frigid and you have to drive ten or twenty minutes just to get there. But, wait until the evening after work, and the crowds are unavoidable. Thankfully, you have the perfect space for your own home gym – the garage.

Your garage may seem like a dim, cold place now, but with a few changes it can become the perfect way to get in a workout while saving time and money avoiding years’ worth of gym memberships. Whether you plan on using the entire space, or you share your garage with other hobbies, check out these tips to build the perfect garage gym:

  • Make space. If your garage is empty, you’re in luck. Otherwise, it’s time to organize and clear some room for your new gym.
  • Make it comfortable. Create a more welcoming environment so you don’t have reasons to avoid your workout – better lighting, more insulation, and a softer surface for a more comfortable workout and avoiding injuries. My Gorilla Garage’s polyaspartic polyurea garage floor coating looks great and creates a warmer, professional-looking environment in your garage.
  • Choose your equipment. Garage space can be limited, especially if it also serves as your workshop and storage space. You may not be able to outfit your home gym with everything a standard gym has, so choose your equipment wisely with items that will work with your fitness routine. For example, if you aren’t normally a runner, leave out the treadmill – save cardio for warmer days around your neighborhood!

If you’re ready to turn your garage into the perfect home gym, a floor coating could be the first step! Call (844) 674-5521 for our Cincinnati office, or (941) 722-2484 for our Florida office.