How Long Before I Can Use My Garage After Floor Coating?

One of the questions we receive from customers and those who are interested in a garage floor coating is, “How long does the installation take, and when can I use my floor afterwards?”

First, the most asked part of that question: The My Gorilla Garage floor coating system is installed in just one day! Our exclusive one-day process is more than simply applying a coating. We perform a detailed moisture check of the concrete, then use diamond cutting machines to prepare the surface. Note, we do not use acid – we use a mechanical process to ensure the coating will bond correctly.

Since the My Gorilla Garage system is a polyaspartic polyurea coating, it actually absorbs into the concrete, so your garage is finished in just one day.

How long before you can use the floor?

The good news just keeps getting better!  With My Gorilla Garage you can walk on the floor two hours after we finish (in most situations).  We recommend allowing one more day for the floor to fully cure before driving and parking on the garage floor.  That’s amazingly fast – particularly when you compare to times for paint (multiple coats) or epoxy coatings.

Perhaps best of all, you can find out exactly what options are available for your surface with a FREE in-home (in-garage) estimate.  You can schedule your estimate now, with no obligation. There’s no risk and no cost to start the conversation!  Contact your nearest My Gorilla Garage location today!