Hot Tire Pickup: What Can You Do?

One of the biggest reasons homeowners invest in a garage floor coating is to have a clean, organized garage that looks great and can store their car, keeping it clean and protected from weather. Nothing is better than pulling directly into your garage during a storm and avoiding the rain completely! However, many people quickly discover an unexpected downside with their epoxy floor: hot tire pickup.

If you’re one of these drivers, you know how disappointing hot tire pickup is to see. If you aren’t familiar with the term, hot tire pickup is what happens when you park your car in the garage after a drive that was long enough to heat your tires. The tires then stick to the epoxy floor coating or paint, and cling to it as the tires cool, resulting in patchy spots on your floor and epoxy stuck to your tires.

So, what can you do about hot tire pickup?

Unfortunately, if you’re already experiencing hot tire pickup with your epoxy floor coating, you won’t be able to just repair the coating. Hot tire pickup means that the epoxy coating or paint in your garage is not a high-quality product, or important parts of the installation process were skipped or ignored. The best thing you can do for your garage is get rid of the coating you have, and reapply a better coating with a company you can trust to do a quality job.

For example, the My Gorilla Garage process involves grinding the surface, a moisture inspection, a priming coat, and the final coat, all with a top-quality polyaspartic polyurea floor coating that is up to four times stronger than epoxy. You’ll have long lasting results (with a warranty), and be able to park your car in your garage without worrying about hot tire pickup!

If you already have a failing epoxy floor you’d like to remove, don’t worry – we can remove it before we install My Gorilla Garage! Give your nearest My Gorilla Garage location a call or fill out our online form to get your free estimate today.