Resurfacing Walkways, Porches, & Patios

Sidewalks, garden pathways, patios, porches, and high foot traffic areas are perfect concrete surfaces for My Gorilla Garage application. Whether they’re brand new and you want to protect them against future damage or the slabs have seen better days, our team can use our in-depth installation process to help you refinish walkways in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, or Florida.

Reasons to Resurface Walkways

When a homeowner or business owner reaches out to our company in Cincinnati about concrete sealing or concrete resurfacing for their driveway, sidewalk, patio, walkway, or porch, there are a number of reasons they may have chosen to do so. One of the most common reasons people reach out to us to refinish these kinds of spaces is to increase traction on the surface of the slab.

Sometimes, families with older members or young children want to ensure safety during family gatherings by increasing the coefficient of friction (measurement often denoted as µ or COF). The industry standard COF rating for public ramps, walkways, restrooms, and other floors is 68 out of 100. The My Gorilla Garage system offers a COF rating of 72 out of 100, exceeding industry requirements. This means even pool decks, which are often slippery due to individuals getting in and out of the pool, have greater, more effective traction to prevent falls and their associated injuries.

Our concrete sealing experts in Cincinnati also get a lot of calls regarding walkways that have aged and started to crack or show signs of wear and tear. Our team expertly seals all cracks or joints between slabs and grinds off the damaged surface layer of your concrete to leave you with a seamless finish for your sidewalk or path.

finished walkway

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If you’re looking for a concrete sealing company in Cincinnati for your driveway, sidewalk, patio, or other concrete fixture, look no further than My Gorilla Garage. We’ll make sure it’s as safe as possible without sacrificing your home’s aesthetic. Contact My Gorilla Garage by calling a location near you or filling out the form fields to claim your free concrete inspection and estimate!