The My Gorilla Garage System

Get showroom beauty, right in your own garage! The My Gorilla Garage system is a proprietary polyaspartic polyurea garage floor coating that delivers unmatched concrete protection in a nearly unlimited array of colors.

As concrete ages, it begins to settle, which is why we chose a floor coating made from a material called an elastomer: a polymer with mild elastic properties. The reason we choose to install an elastomer product is that it will move and flex with your concrete to a degree as it settles over time, so your floors are as durable down the line as they are on installation day. If you’re interested in our services, reach out to our garage floor coating contractors in Cincinnati for a free, no-obligation estimate!

Though it is one of the most traveled-through areas of any home, the garage is often neglected when it comes to providing protection and repairing any damage to it. A garage floor that is well taken care of provides you with beauty and functionality for years to come. Our team of garage flooring experts at My Gorilla Garage firmly believes that our system and our services offer the best possible treatment for your garage floor. We are committed to demonstrating the difference that our proprietary polyaspartic polyurea garage floor coating can make on your concrete garage floor!

If you’re looking for a complete overhaul of your garage floor’s concrete, then you’ve found the best solution on the market. The coating we use with the My Gorilla Garage system is specifically designed to work with your concrete for the entirety of its lifetime, moving when your concrete moves and providing unparalleled protection for years down the road. Not only does it boost the overall performance of your concrete, but it creates one of the most aesthetically pleasing coatings for your garage floor as well. Our product is so versatile in its composition that practically any color you can imagine can be applied to it, making it visually appealing as well as incredibly durable. 

The My Gorilla Garage system hosts a wide array of benefits, such as improving the concrete’s overall resistance from daily occurrences, such as spills, drops, water overflow, and so much more. It is also accompanied by a remarkably fast and nonintrusive installation process, allowing you to reap the benefits of your new flooring almost immediately. Still unsure about improving the quality of your garage floor? Reach out to us today for your free, no-obligation estimate and we’ll show you why My Gorilla Garage is the best solution for bringing your garage to the next level!

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You’ll Never See Your Concrete the Same Way Again!

Benefits of the Gorilla System

  • All cracks and joints are treated and sealed

  • Water resistant

  • Corrosion and chemical resistant

  • Stain proof, including gasoline, oil, and other contaminants.

  • Applied in as little as one day (In most cases)

  • Installs at almost any temp

  • Increases your home’s value and appearance

  • Warrantied for as long as you own your home

We take extra steps to ensure your floor coating is applied correctly, including conducting a full moisture test of your concrete. This helps to ensure the product properly adheres to your concrete and works as designed. Our garage floor coating contractors in Cincinnati will even prepare knee walls and vertical structures for a seamless finish!

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