Is My Gorilla Garage Just For Garage Floors?

One question we are asked more than any other is, “Is My Gorilla Garage just for garage floors?” The short and simple answer is “no,” but as demonstrated in our 1-day process for installation, we like attention to detail. My Gorilla Garage works for a number of spaces, and our experienced technicians will help you decide where it will work best, and make it look great. Here are a few ideas of other areas to use My Gorilla Garage:

Outdoor Living Spaces: An outdoor living space provides the perfect setting for shade during warmer days and socializing on cool nights. With a My Gorilla Garage coating, your porch and sidewalk will look like it came straight out of a magazine! If you frequently have guests and dine outdoors, you’ll never have to worry about food and drink stains on concrete.

Outdoor Kitchens: Looking for a beautiful, easy-to-clean surface for your outdoor kitchen? My Gorilla Garage gets the job done! We have seen our polyaspartic polyurea coating used on everywhere from full kitchen sets to smaller counters around the grill.

Stairs and walkways: Using My Gorilla Garage on your outdoor steps or walkway means you will have a cohesive home with high curb appeal, or a professional commercial space. You’ll also have the advantages of a higher coefficient of friction for less slipping, even in different weather conditions (plus, shoveling snow will be easier than ever!).

Showrooms and retail spaces: The one-day application process is great for any business that needs a professional looking showroom or retail space, but has little downtime to spare. For high-traffic areas, having an easy-to-clean floor is important, and My Gorilla Garage is the perfect choice. A pristine floor with the color of your choice is sure to make your products stand out!

If you’re ready to use My Gorilla Garage in any of these spaces, or have questions about other places you can use My Gorilla Garage, contact us at (844) 674-5521, or use our online form for a free estimate.