Which My Gorilla Garage Color Blend Fits Your Style?

If you’ve browsed our website or follow us on Facebook, you may have seen pictures of the wide variety of chip blends we use on our floor coatings. Garage floors are the one area of a home that might seem the same as everyone else’s, but they don’t have to be!

With such limitless options for My Gorilla Garage coatings, our customers have picked from our most popular color blends, or mixed their own to fit their style. So how do you know which blend fits yours?

If you are aiming for a cohesive look that pairs well with your home’s exterior or interior paint colors, talk to one of our specialists about a custom floor blend. We can match the color chips to complement the existing colors on your home! Take a look at his recent project where we used the color combination “Merlot” on a surface against a brick home:

If you are using your space for your favorite hobbies, why not design it around them? For the garage that serves as a hangout spot during sports events, we can customize colors around your team’s colors. For the garage that is used to show off your sports car or motorcycle, we can use a color that matches your vehicle! For instance: we recently completed a project with a pretty recognizable color blend, “Harley:”

If you’re using My Gorilla Garage in a commercial space, our experts can carefully choose a color blend that helps your products stand out. You can also use several different combinations to designate different retail areas without having to put up walls!

If you’re ready to customize My Gorilla Garage to fit your style and set your home apart from the rest, contact us at (844) 674-5521 (or (941) 772-2484 in Florida), or use our online form for a free estimate.