Get The Most Out of Your Garage Remodel

Do you want the most bang for your buck from your garage remodel? Everyone wants renovations to pay off. Our advice is to focus on low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing and functional features for the best return of your investment. A visually improved garage gets you the new look you want, while practical, maintenance-free upgrades increase value. Here are a few upgrades that ensure you get the most out of any garage renovations:

Organization: Storage is one of the biggest selling factors for homes, especially in the garage. They typically accumulate more items than any other room and become a cluttered eyesore. The mess prevents you from achieving the showroom-ready space homeowners desire. Add ample storage during your renovation to hide it all. You can choose from craft walls, hanging shelving or our favorite functional choice, standing cabinets. With countertop-ready designs,  standing cabinets create a professional and utilitarian space at a workable height. That way your garage becomes a multi-use and organized area.

Floor: For a long-lasting spotless style, like luxury the garages in magazines, turn your focus to the floor. A garage floor’s physical condition and appearance have a huge effect on the overall look. Adding a new, maintenance-free floor coating, like My Gorilla Garage, is one of the key elements in transforming its appearance. My Gorilla Garage’s elastomer coating doesn’t just look good, it’s durable. It creates a waterproof, corrosion and chemical resistant floor long after it is installed, becoming a wow-factor that visitors and buyers can’t ignore.

Garage Door: When it comes to garage doors, you get what you pay for. The last thing you want is a new door needing replacement as soon as it’s installed. Fortunately, high-quality garage doors are worth it. Garages take up about 30% of the front of most homes and significantly contribute to curb appeal, or the lack of it. We recommend putting just as much care into choosing these doors as your front door. But they offer more than just a good look, offering increased security and improved insulation when chosen correctly.

Choosing improvements that simultaneously make your garage visually stunning and increase its function will boost your home’s overall value. No matter if you are selling next year or in five years, a My Gorilla Garage Floor is one long-lasting improvement that lives up to the wear and tear of a garage. That means you can enjoy it now and impress buyers later. Call us today for a free estimate.