Get the Most Out of Your Garage This Winter

By November 8, 2017Uncategorized

During the later fall and winter months, we tend to spend less time outside and in our garages because of the cold weather. However, there is no need to put off project or leave your garage as just a storage space because of the weather! Your garage can easily transform into the perfect winter workshop and hang out spot, and even save you time during snow days! Here are a few ways to get the most out of your garage this winter:

  • Add a heat source: We know you made sure to prepare your garage for cold weather by sealing doors and adding insulation, but your space may still be uncomfortably cold unless a heat source is added. Space heaters are a great option, but be sure to read up on safety tips and properly ventilate if using a propane/gas heater. A heat source means your workshop or hang out space will be cozy and enjoyable all winter!
  • Create a home gym: No one wants to venture out before work during dark winter morning hours or on frigid nights. Using your garage space for a home gym means you can still keep up with your health and exercise routine without enduring the cold. You’ll also save time by not driving to go workout!
  • Make room for your car: If you aren’t a DIY project person, you can still make great use of your garage this winter by clearing it and making room for your car. If you live in an area that gets snow during the winter, this can save you a lot of stress and time in the morning because you’ll never have to scrape your windshield or wait for the car to warm. Before you park your car in the garage, remember to read up on the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning and how to prevent it.

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