Protecting Your Garage During A Storm

For most people, the garage isn’t just somewhere to park your car. It’s a workshop where you keep your valuable tools. Or a storage spaces for boxes of photos and memories you haven’t put in a scrapbook. It’s where you keep your equipment and appliances when they aren’t in use but you need to get to them easily. However, during a storm with large amounts of rainfall, your garage may be the first place place to flood.

So, how do you protect your garage during a storm?

First, think about the important items inside you want to protect and move them to a higher location on shelving or tables, or inside your home. Protecting your garage is important, but you’ll probably be more upset if the items inside are ruined! Make sure there are no electrical wires or electronics on the floor.

Second, check for weak spots where water might seep in and seal any cracks. Check your weatherstripping as well, and replace if it looks old and worn. Even the smallest amounts of water in an already weak spot can lead to more issues later. If you live in an area with frequent rain or flooding, a strong garage floor coating can help protect the concrete beneath from cracks and water damage.

If your area has a flood warning or your property is susceptible to flooding, consider placing sandbags and plastic tarps and sandbags along the bottom of your garage doors.

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