Existing Epoxy: What Can You Do?

We receive questions often about the difference between a My Gorilla Garage floor coating and an epoxy coating or floor paint. In fact, we receive them so often that we’ve written about it before! However, it also means that we receive another question frequently: “What can I do if I want a My Gorilla Garage floor coating but I already have an existing coating?”

These inquiries are most often from people who have:


  1. Used a DIY paint or epoxy coating and are unsatisfied with the results




2. Had their garage floor professionally painted or coated with epoxy and their floor is already damaged or failing.


Thankfully, our experts have seen the disastrous results that can come from using a floor coating with a short lifespan. Because these coatings and paints require a touchup ever few years, they can become damaged, stained and patchy when your garage is used as a workspace, for storage or to simply to park your cars.

Because of the My Gorilla Garage process and the detail that goes into it to make your floor look amazing, we are able to help you get rid of your existing epoxy or floor paint. We will mechanically grind the existing coating down to the nice, clean concrete that lies beneath to obtain the best possible profile for maximum coating adhesion.

Your existing coating will be completely removed, and will be replaced with a stronger polyaspartic polyurea in the color of your choice! This coating is four times stronger than epoxy, and comes with a great warranty. We know our floor coating will stand up to all of your garage activities!

Call or contact My Gorilla Garage today for a free, no-obligation estimate for your new garage floor, sidewalk, concrete porch, patio, sunroom or similar application, including commercial properties.  It’s a great investment in the comfort, usability and market value of your home or business, and we even have financing available!  Call today, 844-674-5521.