My Gorilla Garage can mix and match a limitless selection of color choices.  We recommend starting with our most popular color blends, and then customizing to meet your unique look.

Our manufacturer representatives are skilled in helping homeowners and business owners select a color that will compliment and enhance your garage or business floor, while providing a protective coating that will last for decades. The color flake swatches below are  just a few of the color choices available for your garage floor coating. These are flake samples, not actual floors, and the best way to get a sense of the colors available is to have a free, no-obligation meeting with a certified Gorilla Garage rep.

That way you can have a better sense of what the colors will look like in your environment, and get expert guidance on the colors that will work best for your garage, basement floor, driveway, sidewalk, porch, patio or walkway.  Call us today, 513-618-5520 in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, or (941) 722-2484 in Florida!

New: Ask About Our Stone Chip Series!

Popular Blends:

 B-700 Series Blends
B-701 1/4″B-702 1/4″B-703 1/4″
B-704 1/4″B-705 1/4″B-706 1/4″
B-707 1/4″B-708 1/4″B-709 1/4″
B-710 1/4″B-711 1/4″B-712 1/4″
B-714 1/4″B-715 1/4″B-716 1/4″
  B-600 Series Blends
B-601 1/4″B-602 1/4″B-603 1/4″
B-604 1/4″B-605 1/4″B-606 1/4″
B-607 1/4″B-608 1/4″B-609 1/4″
B-610 1/4″B-612 1/4″B-613 1/4″
B-614 1/4″B-615 1/4″B-616 1/4″
  B-500 Series Blends
B-501 1/4″B-502 1/4″B-503 1/4″
B-504 1/4″B-505 1/4″B-506 1/4″
B-507 1/4″B-508 1/4″B-510 1/4″
B-511 1/4″B-512 1/4″B-513 1/4″
B-514 1/4″B-516 1/4″B-517 1/4″
  B-400 Series Blends
B-411 1/4″B-412 1/4″B-413 1/4″
B-414 1/4″B-416 1/4″B-417 1/4″
B-418 1/4″B-421 1/4″B-422 1/4″
B-423 1/4″B-424 1/4″B-425 1/4″
B-426 1/4″B-427 1/4″B-428 1/4″
  B-300 Series Blends
B-301 1/4″B-302 1/4″B-303 1/4″
B-304 1/4″B-305 1/4″B-306 1/4″
B-307 1/4″B-308 1/4″B-309 1/4″
B-310 1/4″B-311 1/4″B-312 1/4″
B-313 1/4″B-314 1/4″B-315 1/4″
B-316 1/4″B-317 1/4″B-318 1/4″
B-319 1/4″B-320 1/4″B-321 1/4″
B-322 1/4″B-323 1/4″B-324 1/4″
B-325 1/4″B-326 1/4″B-327 1/4″
B-328 1/4″B-329 1/4″B-330 1/4″
  B-200 Series Blends
B-201 1/4″B-202 1/4″B-203 1/4″
B-204 1/4″B-205 1/4″B-206 1/4″
B-207 1/4″B-208 1/4″B-209 1/4″
B-210 1/4″B-211 1/4″B-212 1/4″
B-213 1/4″B-214 1/4″B-215 1/4″
B-216 1/4″B-217 1/4″B-218 1/4″
B-219 1/4″B-220 1/4″B-221 1/4″
B-222 1/4″B-223 1/4″B-224 1/4″
B-225 1/4″B-226 1/4″B-227 1/4″
B-228 1/4″B-229 1/4″B-230 1/4″
  B-100 Series Blends
B-101 1/4″B-102 1/4″B-103 1/4″
B-104 1/4″B-105 1/4″B-106 1/4″
B-107 1/4″B-108 1/4″B-109 1/4″
B-110 1/4″B-111 1/4″B-112 1/4″
B-113 1/4″B-114 1/4″B-115 1/4″
B-116 1/4″B-117 1/4″B-118 1/4″
B-119 1/4″B-120 1/4″B-121 1/4″
B-122 1/4″B-123 1/4″B-124 1/4″
B-125 1/4″B-126 1/4″B-127 1/4″
B-128 1/4″B-129 1/4″B-130 1/4″