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Wrapping up Summer in Your Garage:

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The weather is getting cooler, which means it’s time to wrap up summer activities and prepare for fall. Before the holiday season takes over your schedule, there are a few things that need to be done after a summer of fun. Not sure where to start? Here’s what we suggest:

Put Away Summer Toys:

If there are bikes, balls and games littered around your yard, it’s time to clean up. Spend a day finding places to safely store everything. Families who accumulated new toys during the season might need to get creative in the garage! It’s the perfect place to store your summer items. Hang bikes from the ceiling or wall with heavy-duty hooks and install organized hanging or overhead storage to keep the floor clear.

Weather Stripping Garage Door:

If you’ve noticed water or dirt accumulating in your garage near the door, the problem is likely a worn weather seal. Most garage doors come with this bottom seal to keep water, wind and dirt at bay but are so big, that the strip wears down quickly. Re-sealing your garage door is simple and protects all its important contents during the months ahead.

Insulate Your Garage

Do you have an attached garage with an uninsulated door? It’s costing you money. Make your home as energy-efficient as possible with an upgrade. Even if you only insulate the garage door, it will significantly improve heat retention and could make a difference in your utility bill. Take full advantage of the improvement and do it now, before fall or winter.

Protect Your Floors:

Families will soon spend more time indoors and your garage will see more action. Whether you use the space for watching the games, working on your car or just some quiet time over the holidays–protect it. My Gorilla Garage flooring not only prevents spills from staining and covers unsightly cracks, but it makes the room much more inviting.

Call or contact My Gorilla Garage today for a free, no-obligation estimate for your new garage floor.  It’s a great investment in the comfort, usability and market value of your home. Call (844) 674-5521 for our Cincinnati office, or (941) 216-1964 for our Florida office.

Steps to Insulating Your Garage

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If you use your garage space for home maintenance projects, as a workshop, or if it serves as a center for outdoor family activities, it is an unpleasant place in the summer when not cooled.

There are several methods for an enjoyable garage depending on your climate. Areas with mild summers get away with basic ventilation, but if your summers are hot and muggy, a full-blown air-conditioning unit is the most effective solution. Read More

Preparing Your Garage for A Home Sale

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Sellers know the importance of every room when it’s time to list their home. Buyers go through house listings with a fine-toothed comb. As a result, many sellers go to extreme lengths to create excitement during the sale. From baking cookies to hiring a home stager, everything is placed specifically for buyers to fall in love. Too often, this excitement falls flat when the garage door opens to a forgotten room.

With just a few tweaks, a garage looks and feels like an extra room, surprising home shoppers with the unexpected. The key is to make it warm and inviting with finished flooring, weatherproofing, and proper storage. Take a little time to improve your garage and sell fast with these easy steps:

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Year In Review: 2018

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2018 has been one of the most exciting years yet for My Gorilla Garage! We had a great time welcoming new people to the My Gorilla Garage family, helping them improve the look of their home and create more functional spaces. We loved seeing all of our client’s personalities reflected in the different color combinations they put together, and were excited to put our floor coating to use in tons of new spaces!
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MGG Spotlight: Walkways

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When you hear our name, you’re most likely picturing a garage with our amazingly durable polyaspartic polyurea floor coating. However, if you’re following us on social media or have read our blog before, you know that our customers have found that My Gorilla Garage is amazing for many surfaces -including walkways.
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Existing Epoxy: What Can You Do?

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We receive questions often about the difference between a My Gorilla Garage floor coating and an epoxy coating or floor paint. In fact, we receive them so often that we’ve written about it before! However, it also means that we receive another question frequently: “What can I do if I want a My Gorilla Garage floor coating but I already have an existing coating?”
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Why Are Patios So Popular?

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If you’re following us on Facebook for project photos and ideas, you probably know that this spring we have applied the My Gorilla Garage floor coating to several backyard patios.

We’ve written before about the many places people choose to have My Gorilla Garage installed because of its durability and the fact that it protects the surface underneath. But why have patios and porches suddenly become so popular?
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Getting Your Garage Ready For Spring

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If you’re anything like us, you’re probably feeling anxious and ready to get back outside and in the garage for projects after a long winter of cold and snow. Unfortunately, this also means you’ll probably have to do some cleaning and organizing in your garage before you can really get started, especially if you parked your car there after big snows.

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