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Caring for My Gorilla Garage Flooring

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>ne question we are asked more than any other once the weather starts dropping is, “How does My Gorilla Garage hold up to the slush, ice and mud when parking the car in my garage after snow?”

In a standard garage with concrete flooring, a winter snowstorm’s mess is agonizing to deal with because of salt stains, broken seals from snowmelt freezing and thawing, and damage from deicers. Actually, most adverse weather leads to dirt and debris that takes a big toll on normal concrete flooring.

My Gorilla Garage flooring is tough. When it warms up,  throw some water on it, a little swishing with a broom and it will look exactly how it did when first installed.

My Gorilla Garage floor coating is stain-resistant and stands up to the worst of deicers, mud and salt. Your garage may still collect the usual winter grime this season, but after the 1-day process, your garage floor will be easier than ever to clean with just water. The surface beneath will remain in great condition, too.

If you need a floor coating that will stand up against slush, ice and mud in Cincinnati, Dayton or Indianapolis, give My Gorilla Garage a call today for a free estimate and say goodbye to dirty, grungy garage floors forever!

Get The Most Out of Your Garage Remodel

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Do you want the most bang for your buck from your garage remodel? Everyone wants renovations to pay off. Our advice is to focus on low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing and functional features for the best return of your investment. A visually improved garage gets you the new look you want, while practical, maintenance-free upgrades increase value. Here are a few upgrades that ensure you get the most out of any garage renovations: Read More

Fall Home Cleanup

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Fall is here, which means it’s time for time for all of the fun that comes with it: treats, football, festivals and more. However, before the weather gets too cool or your schedule becomes too busy during the holiday season, there are a few things you probably need to do around your home after a summer of fun. Not sure where to start? Here’s what we suggest:
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Getting Your Garage Ready For Spring

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If you’re anything like us, you’re probably feeling anxious and ready to get back outside and in the garage for projects after a long winter of cold and snow. Unfortunately, this also means you’ll probably have to do some cleaning and organizing in your garage before you can really get started, especially if you parked your car there after big snows.

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How Long Before I Can Use My Garage After Floor Coating?

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One of the questions we receive from customers and those who are interested in a garage floor coating is, “How long does the installation take, and when can I use my floor afterwards?”

First, the most asked part of that question: The My Gorilla Garage floor coating system is installed in just one day! Our exclusive one-day process is more than simply applying a coating. We perform a detailed moisture check of the concrete, then use diamond cutting machines to prepare the surface. Note, we do not use acid – we use a mechanical process to ensure the coating will bond correctly.

Since the My Gorilla Garage system is a polyaspartic polyurea coating, it actually absorbs into the concrete, so your garage is finished in just one day.
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Is Your Garage Floor a Mess?

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One of the things we hear regularly from people who call is “my garage floor is a mess.” They mean that literally – there are oil stains, cracks, chips, and accumulated dirt and grime. If you think there is no hope for your garage floor, there’s good news — My Gorilla Garage can help!

dirty, oily garage floor

A typical garage floor when we get started. With oil stains and concrete damage.

Our revolutionary one-day process results in a garage floor that has no cracks, chips or stains, and is now covered with a garage floor coating that looks great and performs even better. A My Gorilla Garage floor is also easy to keep clean, and homeowners tell us their space even looks and stays cleaner because the floor looks so good, they want to see it!
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