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Protecting Your Garage During A Storm

By | Garage Floor, Hurricane Preparation

For most people, the garage isn’t just somewhere to park your car. It’s a workshop where you keep your valuable tools. Or a storage spaces for boxes of photos and memories you haven’t put in a scrapbook. It’s where you keep your equipment and appliances when they aren’t in use but you need to get to them easily. However, during a storm with large amounts of rainfall, your garage may be the first place place to flood.
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MGG Spotlight: Walkways

By | Garage Floor Coating

When you hear our name, you’re most likely picturing a garage with our amazingly durable polyaspartic polyurea floor coating. However, if you’re following us on social media or have read our blog before, you know that our customers have found that My Gorilla Garage is amazing for many surfaces -including walkways.
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Hot Tire Pickup: What Can You Do?

By | Garage Floor, Uncategorized

One of the biggest reasons homeowners invest in a garage floor coating is to have a clean, organized garage that looks great and can store their car, keeping it clean and protected from weather. Nothing is better than pulling directly into your garage during a storm and avoiding the rain completely! However, many people quickly discover an unexpected downside with their epoxy floor: hot tire pickup.
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Existing Epoxy: What Can You Do?

By | Garage Floor, Garage Floor Coating

We receive questions often about the difference between a My Gorilla Garage floor coating and an epoxy coating or floor paint. In fact, we receive them so often that we’ve written about it before! However, it also means that we receive another question frequently: “What can I do if I want a My Gorilla Garage floor coating but I already have an existing coating?”
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Attention Home Buyers:

By | Uncategorized

You’ve gone through the process of buying a home. You’ve researched real estate agents, found the best schools, packed your things and made your offer, and your moving date is quickly approaching. If you have every item on your new-home wish list checked off, but are still wishing you had the perfect garage, now is the time to call the experts at My Gorilla Garage!
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Why Are Patios So Popular?

By | Garage Floor Coating, Uncategorized

If you’re following us on Facebook for project photos and ideas, you probably know that this spring we have applied the My Gorilla Garage floor coating to several backyard patios.

We’ve written before about the many places people choose to have My Gorilla Garage installed because of its durability and the fact that it protects the surface underneath. But why have patios and porches suddenly become so popular?
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Getting Your Garage Ready For Spring

By | Garage Floor, Garage Floor Cleaning, Garage Floor Coating, Uncategorized

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably feeling anxious and ready to get back outside and in the garage for projects after a long winter of cold and snow. Unfortunately, this also means you’ll probably have to do some cleaning and organizing in your garage before you can really get started, especially if you parked your car there after big snows.

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Year in Review: 2017

By | Uncategorized

2017 was an exciting year My Gorilla Garage. We had a great time attending local fairs and events, starting new projects and expanding the My Gorilla Garage Family at our newest location in Sarasota, Florida. We are always ready to take on a new home and adapt to each of our client’s individual personalities and styles! With the new year just around the corner, let’s review some of our favorite trends and projects of 2017:

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