Attention Home Buyers:

You’ve gone through the process of buying a home. You’ve researched real estate agents, found the best schools, packed your things and made your offer, and your moving date is quickly approaching. If you have every item on your new-home wish list checked off, but are still wishing you had the perfect garage, now is the time to call the experts at My Gorilla Garage!

Would you move furniture in if you planned to have the carpet replaced? Probably not. The same concept is true for garages, which are usually the first area in a new home where things start to pile up when homeowners aren’t sure where else to put them.

Although your new home will mostly likely come with fresh, new carpet, it will probably have the same standard, familiar concrete garage flooring. If you’ve heard about the benefits of a garage floor coating, having us install My Gorilla Garage before you move in will ensure that you don’t keep putting it off while you wait to clean and organize your garage. You’ll have the beautiful garage of your dreams on the first day in your new home!

If you’re worried about getting your garage floor coating done in time, we’ve got you covered! Our 1-Day process is one of the best features of the My Gorilla Garage system. With My Gorilla Garage, you can begin using your garage within two hours in most situations, and even park your car on it the very next day.

My Gorilla Garage comes in hundreds of color blends, and is completely customizable. Perhaps best of all, you can find out exactly what options are available for your surface with a FREE in-home (in-garage) estimate.  There’s no risk and no cost to start the conversation!  Contact your nearest My Gorilla Garage location today!